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Statutory declaration by a supporting witness relating to a partner visa application When assessing a Spouse or Interdependency visa application the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and
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. The declarations must be in the form of an oral statement where the person giving the statement does not have to be present at an interview. The witness is usually your sponsor?s spouse or partner - or, in the absence of your sponsor, a close family member. They may include their spouse or partner and other close family, friends, or business associates. An oral statement can also be requested by the sponsors, spouse or partner, and their employer, if they are not the witnesses for the visa application. There are two types of statutory declarations you can use if you need one: a Statutory Declarations of Support form and a statutory declaration of support form. The statutory declaration of support form must be provided for the applicant and a supporting witness if any. The statutory declaration of support form should be completed by your sponsor, spouse, or partner. Some of the statements to be made on the statutory declaration of support form are: the marriage is recognised in Australia I am confident you know and understand my wishes about our relationship The marriage has been lived in harmony and harmony within our relationship I have full confidence in our relationship, and I am confident that our marriage will meet your expectations There are no significant reasons for me to change my mind about our marriage (for example, a threat of violence or coercion). A supporting witness is anyone who has known you for the period for which you are applying for the visitor visa or the student visa and has provided a statement as described above. The statutory declaration for a spouse or partner of an applicant must include a declaration as to the financial security of that person. To support a claim, a witness should complete a Statutory Declaration of financial security for a spouse and/or parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. The declaration must be completed by the person giving the statement and must include information about how the person supported the applicant. Statutory declarations of support forms The most common way of providing statements as part of the statutory declaration is with a Statutory Declaration of Support form (SR/SRF) or an oral statement written by the person given the statement. The SR or SRF is not required to be filled in at an interview, but must be completed by the following people: the applicant the sponsor, spouse or partner (including a parent or child of the applicant) their employer their sponsor?s spouse (including a parent or child of the sponsor) or partner a close relative – including a former partner or family member a
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Hello Baby hi I'm has error spell a registered migration agent from Australia and the author of this book avoid the migration minefield safely migrate to Australia from the Philippines this is an important video, so I urge you to stop it at any time and replay it, so you clearly understand the information provided and act accordingly to complete this form 888 which is a statutory declaration by a supporting witness in relation to a spouse defector or even a fiancéééééééééée visa application properly I have been lodging hundreds of partner visa applications for the past 16 years and my 16 highly qualified and trained team members are here to ensure that not only will your particular Australian partner visa application be successful, but you will also experience a professional and remarkable service along the way I would like now to draw your attention to the application process in securing at least two from 8a dates to include in our future partner visa application this video will explain the important points, so you stay focused and are confident in getting this part of the application process done accurately, and properly you may also send this video link to the person who is about to execute the form 8a in support of your partner visa application for Australia as well let's have a look first at who can actually provide a form a date it needs to be a person that is over 18 years of age they need to be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident and must have known the visa applicant and their partner or fiancéééééééééée and the history of their relationship has indicated questions one two three four and five of the form eight eight eight now if the visa applicant or sponsor is outside of Australia and is unable to have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident complete this form then any person who knows the applicant and their partner both fiancéééééééééée may also complete this form provided that they are also over 18 years of age the person completing this form must provide evidence of their current name age and where applicable Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency for example a certified copy of the birth certificate or Australian passport or passport containing a permanent residency visa all copies must be certified please look at question six of this form 888 and ensure you answer that question correctly and have actually provided a certified evidence to this form eight eight eight the Filipina visa applicant may be asked to submit up to three declarations during the processing of their visa application but the person making the declaration may also be contacted for further comment and/or interviewed in relation to the information Ave provided when assessing a partner or prospective marriage visa application the Department of Immigration and Border Protection must consider the social aspects of the claimed relationship the department will use the information provided in this form a day date which is your...
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